Are you procrastinating?

"That is what tomorrows are for," is a phrase I hear frequently around my home. My husband usually says it when I can't squeeze everything I want in the day. I actually love this saying because it gives me the freedom to release, let go and start again tomorrow. I get done as much as I can a deep breath. Some things can wait until tomorrow.  
Putting something on the back burner is sometimes a necessity. On the other hand, waiting until tomorrow puts you one day further from reaching your goal. Procrastination brings in doubt, worry, over-thinking. It creates an environment perfect for fear to fester. So how do you know when to start?
Knowing whether to start today or wait for tomorrow isn't always easy. In fact, it is hard. But, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to figure it out. 

1. Are you ready enough?

One thing I've learned both in event planning and in life is you are never completely ready. With events, you do all the planning, the prep work, get the right people in place to help, but something unexpected is bound to happen. 
Life can be the same. Before I became a mom, I wanted to be "ready" before I had kids. Money. A house. Time. All the things in line. The truth was, waiting to be "ready" to my standard, I would be childless to this day. 
When you are in the middle of it, you will adapt. The key is being ready enough to be in the middle. 

2. What is holding you back?

Fear. It's fear. Any reason or excuse you can think of ultimately originates with fear. My major roadblock is a feeling of unworthiness. Unworthiness is a recurring theme in my life and has been my excuse for many things I haven't done. It has only been within the last ten years I've started conquering my feelings of unworthiness. 
Sometimes fear is unfounded, but sometimes it is a gentle warning from our subconscious. It doesn't mean STOP. It means be aware and proceed with caution.

3. What are you missing out on?

Delaying your start also delays your finish. I see this frequently as a venue coordinator. I'll get a call to book a presentation meeting with less than one week's notice. Sometimes it is because they lost their first venue, but more often than not, it is because they are just starting their meeting planning. The host tries their best to attract as many attendees as possible, but always fall short of their goal. Waiting until the last minute to plan means missing out on sales opportunities. 


When did you choose today over tomorrow? When did you choose tomorrow over today? Why? 

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