Someday dreams, like most goals, start with a wish. A flicker of an idea. A thought. Turning the wish into a full vision is the next step.


Start a Vision Journal

Journaling your vision gets your creativity flowing. You can stream-of-consciousness write about your vision, draw pictures, add magazine and newspaper clippings -- anything. It is a physical manifestation of brainstorming and creative thinking.

I use a Moleskine notebook. The texture and feel of the paper is perfect. They are thread bound so they don't fall apart -- and they don't start looking worn out as they get used.


Make a Pinterest Board

I love Pinterest because it lets you collect information from around the web and store it in one location in a visual format. You can even keep your board a secret if you don't want your followers to see it. Not only do you have the visual from your pins, you can link right to the website it originates from and get more information. You can upload your own photos as well to keep it all together.

I create Pinterest boards when I'm gathering inspiration for photo shoots, home projects, recipes -- even blog posts.



Evernote is like the digital version of a vision journal. You can write notes, save documents, links, files, emails, photos and more. You can create unlimited notebooks and share notes with friends. You can also do it on any device - phone, desktop, tablet - and thy all sync together.

I use Evernote to brainstorm lists and outlines. I have the app on my phone so if I think of anything, I can write it down immediately. I can also take a picture of something I see and upload it to a note. That way it isn't trapped on my phone if I want to see it on another device. 



What is your favorite method for developing your vision?

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