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Just like many of you, promoting my business is as much a part of my work as planning the events I book. Here are three free tools I use to make promoting that much easier.

Mail Chimp

Mailing lists are not dead. In fact, they are an essential tool to keep your actively engaged audience active and engaged. Mail Chimp provides a basic free service which allows you to gather subscribers (up to 2000), add them to lists and create campaigns to communicate with them.

A practical application of this is to use the tool to keep in contact with your clients. As an event planner, I have a number of clients who plan meetings on a regular basis. Using Mail Chimp, I can put all their names on a list and send information about limited time promotions and keep them updated on our menus and policies.


Hosting a promotional event is an effective way to showcase your business, but how do you get people to the event? Eventbrite will help you create an electronic invitation, promote your event through social media and track attendance. When your event is free, the service is free. If you are selling tickets, Eventbrite charges a small fee for each ticket.


Eye-catching, professional-looking graphic elements are essential to help your business stand out. Canva is an easy and simple graphic design tool with a plethora of templates, graphics, fonts, backgrounds and clip art. Many of them are free or they have premium images for only $1. You can even upload your own images.

Canva creates both web-ready images or images suitable for printing and saves your creation in the cloud.

What are some of your favorite tools? Tell me about them and I might feature them in a future post.

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