start big

Who doesn't love a big finish. A grand finale. An mind-blowing encore. Ticker tape. All the bells and whistles. Though, is it really a big finish you want? Or is it a big result?

Break it down

The second step in BLUEPRINT is to break down your vision into big categories. Don't worry about the minutia yet. Don't worry about the steps; that all comes later. Think big.

Basic needs

An easy place to start is to determine the basic needs. Think bottom tier of Maslow's Hierarchy - food, shelter, water. 

One of my Someday Dreams is to relocate. I've always lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born and raised. I love to travel. When I do, it always rekindles my dream. It terrifies me and fascinates me at the same time. I crave the adventure, but am safe in my little bubble of comfort here in Utah. The basic needs of my vision include a destination and a source of income. Big categories.

If your BLUEPRINT is to lose 10 pounds, your basic needs might include nutrition, physical activity and a support system.

Write it down

Write down your big categories. Leave room for the next step. You can use a notebook, a digital app, like Evernote or a journal. I use my BLUEPRINT journal to keep my goals outlined and organized. 


What are your big categories? 

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