What do you do?

We've all been asked "So, WHAT do you do?" And for most, it is an easy question to answer. We all know what we do. We work tirelessly perfecting the elevator pitch so you can explain it less than 20 seconds. Succinctly and eloquently - we know WHAT we do.
We spend time focused on training, getting better and the WHAT. We practice and practice to perfect our craft. We get so good at it, we start to teach people how to do what we do. We create ebooks and online courses. We are experts on the WHAT.

Beyond the WHAT

When is the last time someone asked you "So, WHY do you do it?" If someone asked, would you know how to respond? Do you have a 20 second speech filed away for such an occasion? We spend some much time focused on the WHAT, we don't always think about the WHY.
The WHY is more important than the WHAT.

Case Study: Going Indie

The Crash Kings (who happened to be my favorite band) released their first EP as an indie band earlier this year. They wrote and recorded five stripped-down songs live and uncut in the studio and called it Live Nudes.
The Crash Kings were not always independent. They recorded their first album signed to Custard/Universal Motown records and their single Mountain Man made it to number 1 on the Billboard Alternative charts in March of 2010.  They'd just finished recording their second album when they found that due to some structural changes, they were without a label.
Instead of calling it quits because they didn't have a label and couldn't release their album (the WHAT), they focused on their love of the music and dedication to their fans (the WHY) and figured out how to release the album despite not having a label. They initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to release their second album, Dark of the Daylight, and met their goal within 24 hours of starting their campaign.
From their recently released EP, the song Half a Face tells about their journey about the WHY. Every time I hear it, I'm inspired to keep going and stay focused on WHY it is important.


So, what is your WHY? When you are down and everything seems hopeless, WHY do you keep going? What is the reason for overcoming all of the obstacles? Share your story in the comments.
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