Oh hey, creative boss! You know all those ideas swirling around in that creative brain of yours? What do you say we make them happen. YES! That’s what I said. Let’s make them happen!

We will work together to get you focused, create a strategy and make some SERIOUS progress. I confess, I don’t have a secret formula. I ask hard questions, give you homework + push you to do more. But, it is EXACTLY what you need if you are ready to start DOING instead of dreaming.

Achievable Implementation Strategies for Creative Bosses

Group Idea Development Workshop + Community

Project Management

For creative bosses who need an extra set of hands (or an extra brain).

Support options include: Project Strategy, Information Product Packaging, Product Launch Strategy, Event Planning + Coordination, and more.

what are people saying?

I was nervous about starting a new project, even though I knew it was a great idea. Having Kathy’s guidance and knowledge allowed me to lay out a plan. This plan was effective and really helped me fine tune the execution process. Plus, it kept me motivated and on track. I have been able to effectively execute the plan and have a new product launch coming!

Samantha Parker

Owner, Hype Social Strategies

Kathy is an incredibly thoughtful listener and has an amazing talent for cutting through the fluff to ask the perfect questions about your business goals. In one of our sessions, she asked a simple question that has completely changed the way I look at my business and how I’m planning my product launches this year. She helped me lay out my ideas in a clear and practical way, making it possible to actually implement my long-term plans. She brings a wealth of planning experience to the table, that in my opinion is an invaluable tool. This program is not just about quick fixes, cheerleading or turning you into a “boss-lady”, it’s about real business planning and thoughtful guidance to help you turn your ideas into reality.

Casey Sibley

Owner + Designer, Casey D. Sibley Art + Design

With Kathy as a resource deadlines are met, work time is prioritized and the end result is accomplishment. I am impressed by her ability to extract the visions of entrepreneurs and turn ideas into simplified manageable tasks. Her insights and resources are invaluable in the world of small business.

Ashley Wortley

Producer, Jared Wortley Films

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