perfect timing

Perfect Timing

Do you catch yourself wishing you were lucky enough to have perfect timing? Waiting for the stars to align? Hoping, fingers crossed, for the best? Timing is not luck, it is a skill.
Great timing comes from the three P's preparation, patience & practice

1. Preparation

You can't have great timing if you aren't ready for it. I've learned this the hard way managing hundreds of events. Have everything within reach. Stage it. Get it ready. Chef's call it mise en place [/miz ɑ̃ plas/]. It means getting all your ingredients and equipment prepped and in place. For your BLUEPRINT, your ingredients may be part of your mental and spiritual well being. Get in the right frame of mind.

2. Patience

In the event planning world, I spend a great deal of time in "hurry up and wait" mode. Before the event, we spend hours getting ready and rushing to stay on the timeline. When the event starts, it shifts to someone else's timeline. As an event manager, my job is to wait, observe the flow of the event and look for queues to tell me when to start the next phase. Good timing in life works the same way. Wait. Observe. Look for queues. Act when it is time.

3. Practice

Skills are not built without practice. You will get impatient. You will miss queues. You will be unprepared. Then you try again and do it better the next time. And better the time after that.


Tell me about a time you had great timing? Or not-so-great timing. What did you do?
Great timing comes from the three P's preparation, patience & practice


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