How to shake up your business when you're feeling a little flat - tips for creative business owners to create momentum and growth in their business

Entrepreneur life is a life of flux – always changing. There are massive highs, like when you get your 1000th follower on Instagram or make your first big sale. And, there are deep-dark lows, like when you start to question everything and feel like throwing in the towel.

But, there are times it seem like you just kind of get stuck in the middle. Business is going pretty well, but not stellar. It is just okay. It feels a little FLAT.

While is it perfectly acceptable to take a little break and regroup, feeling flat can be a slippery slope. It is easy to lose focus and start letting the important things slide.


it can be a great time to shake things up and create some momentum to get your business going back in the right direction. Here is how to do it.

1. Start with your core values in mind

The key to shaking up your business the right way is to take strategic action. To do this, you must make sure any action you take is in alignment with your core values.

Your core values are what you believe, what you stand for and what you want to accomplish in your business. It is what your mission statement or business manifesto is all about. If you haven’t looked at it in a while, you may want to pull it out and review it. It will help to get you centered. (And, don’t worry. If you haven’t written yours down yet, you still can. And, you can get a step-by-step guide and workbook right here.)

2. Focus on a single objective

Keep your strategic action simple and focused. Choose one objective that will make the biggest impact. If you are having trouble deciding what to choose, take page out of the MissMalaprop book of genius and try the Upcyle Method. (She shares her how-to secrets right here.)

In order to upcycle your existing work, take a look back at what you’ve been doing and ask:

  • What has been the most successful? (page views, downloads, opt-ins, etc)
  • What has your audience been most receptive to?
  • What had made you the most money?

Now, once you know what works, figure out how to make it better. You can write a new blog post with a new spin on the topic. You can turn it into a download or a course. You can offer a special promotion or flash sale.

3. Use your resources (you don’t have to do it alone)

The best part of building your ladyboss empire is all of the other supportive business women in your community. Reach out to your business besties and do some serious collaborating.

An amazing way to get fresh followers and new perspectives is to contribute to an online magazine like Badassery. This is a free digital magazine that will be launching at the end of May 2016. In fact, you can sign up to get your copy right here.

Badassery is brought to you by founder and Editor In Chief, Samantha Parker of Hype Social Strategies. And, ME as the designer/contributing editor (check out my Bright Ideas column). It is a magazine devoted to inspiring, supporting and empowering badass women. And, it is the perfect example of collaboration shaking things up.

So, call up your fellow boss babes and brainstorm ways you can work together to accomplish similar goals.

Still need more ideas to shake things up?

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