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Do you have Someday Dreams? You know, dreams that start, "Someday I'll..." and end with things like "open a coffee shop," or  "be a fashion designer." At least that is how mine end. We all have Someday Dreams and there is nothing wrong with it. But if you really want your Someday Dreams to come true, you have to take action.
You are probably thinking, "Yes! But where do I start?" It all comes down to a simple strategy.
I've spent the last ten years planning over a thousand events. Every one was different in some way. Even when the same clients planned multiple similar events, there is always something unique. Even though all the events were different, I approached each event plan in a similar fashion. It was a systematic formula - a blueprint - for figuring out any kind of event.
After a while, I realized the power of my event planning strategy. It didn't only work for planning events, it could work on just about anything! In fact, I realized I been use it all the time to plan recipes, patterns, crafts, projects and didn't even notice. That is when it clicked -- I could use it to figure out how to accomplish my Someday Dreams.

 My Blueprint


 1. Get the vision

The vision is your destination. What is your dream? What do you want to accomplish? What does it look like, feel like, taste like? Dream it out. Feel it out. Free associate and write it out. Brainstorm. Make a mood board. Get the vision and understand the vision.

 2. Break it down

Take your dream and break it down into categories. Start with the big things. What are the major objectives? What are the main focus areas? What are the major steps you should take? Work into the detail from there.

 3. Find your key players

Don't take it all on yourself. One of my rules of event planning is "Hire the right people for the job." With events, there is no way one person can do it all themselves and be successful. You need a team. The same concept is true in accomplishing your dreams. Who is your support system? What tools can you use to make it easier? Is there an expert you can hire/rely on?

 4. Research, research, research!

It is OK if you don't know all the answers. Nobody does. The important thing is you know how to find the answers. Read. Take classes. Watch tutorials. Talk to experts. Educate yourself.

 5. Create a time line

Someday really isn't on the calendar, so pick a day that is. Who does what by when. Set a date. Mark it on your calendar. Schedule an appointment. Give yourself a deadline.

 6. Execute

Take the first step. Jump. Go. Start with the hard things because the rest gets easier. Don't get too far ahead of yourself. Once you have something accomplished, ask, "What's next?" While it's important to keep the destination in mind, thinking about too many steps at once is overwhelming. If you think of something, just write it down and stay focused on what you are doing.

 7. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Follow up and keep track of your progress. Keep a journal. Take notes. Assess what is working and what needs to change. Break it down again. Find new players. Research more. Schedule another appointment. Jump - again.


What are your Someday Dreams? Tell me about your vision. What does it look like. What is holding you back?
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