What is your brilliant idea?

Develop a product

  • Design t-shirts
  • Write a book
  • Design a planner
  • eCommerce
  • Jewelry
  • Private label

Produce an event

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Parties
  • Masterminds

Offer a service

  • Coaching
  • Design work
  • Classes
  • Readings
  • Group programs
  • Consulting

Info Products

  • Course
  • eBook
  • Worksheets
  • Webinar
  • Blog
  • Podcast

Ready to take the first step?

Whatever your idea, the first step to making it happen is scheduling a free, 20-minute call with me.

Together, we’ll figure out an idea development strategy that fits your schedule and budget.

Strategy Sessions

Next Step Session

45 minutes – $127

The light bulb went off and you’ve had an amazing idea, but it seems impossible to even get started. You’ve never done anything like it before and are nervous. Your idea is brilliant and you want everything to be perfect. What if you don’t do it right?

Sound familiar?

Don’t let not knowing what to do stand in your way. That is exactly what a Next Step Session is designed to figure out. Not only will you walk away with your next three major action steps, you’ll learn proven strategies to help you push past the fear and nervousness and start, even if it isn’t perfect yet.

Need some accountability to complete the next steps? That’s where the fun comes in. If you complete your assignment before the target date, you’ll earn an exclusive “I’m an Action Taker” ceramic mug. 

Unstuck Session

90 Minutes – $227

You’ve been working tirelessly to bring your idea to life when all the sudden, something isn’t working. It feels like you’ve hit a wall and you can’t move forward.

Does this sound like you?

Getting unstuck is easier than you think. During our session, we’ll revisit your big vision and take a look where you are in the process. Not only will you walk away with a fresh perspective and renewed passion for your brilliant idea, but you’ll also have a step-by-step action plan to get you to the next phase of your project. 

Plus, when you complete your assignments before the target date, you’ll earn an exclusive “I’m an Action Taker” t-shirt. 

idea development mentoring

starting at $997/month

If you are truly serious about and fully invested in taking your idea from start to finish, you are ready for Idea Development Mentoring. 

Idea Development Mentoring is monthly one-on-one guidance customized especially for your idea. 

It all starts with a two-hour strategy session to map out your big vision and get a clear picture of your end result. During each weekly session thereafter, we’ll work together to analyze your progress, address sticking points and obstacles, and plan out your next action items step-by-step. 

Plus, when you meet major milestones and target dates, you’ll earn exclusive Action Taker merchandise and other prizes. It’s built in accountability that you’ll love.

Now matter what your idea or where you are in the development process, the first step is scheduling a free, 20-minute call with me. Together, we will figure out which strategy session will best fit your needs, schedule, and budget.