How to Keep Moving Forward: Four Keys For Staying Motivated

 FI-Moving Forward

Idea development is a lot like backpacking deep into the mountains.  When you start out, you can see the uphill climb in front of you, but you are excited, passionate and full of energy. You start your journey and it doesn’t seem so bad. You make a lot of progress then, suddenly, your energy fades and you are struggling.

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Your Guide To Resilience – What To Do When The Unexpected Happens


Part of my process, with coaching clients and event planning clients, we create a back-up plan in case things don’t go as expected.
Unexpected things happen all the time in life and in business. We can plan for the best, but despite our best efforts, our back-up plan doesn’t always cover every scenario. The only thing we can do it to arm ourselves with the tools to rebound, regroup and move on.

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Prepare to Launch – 5 Ways to Make Starting Your Project Easier

FI-Prepare to Launch

Launching a project is a risky endeavor. You are risking your investment in time and money. You are risking your reputation. And fear has a way of making these risks perfectly clear when you are about to start something. It whispers things like, “Will anyone buy what you are selling?” or “People won’t respect you unless this is absolutely PERFECT!” and “Don’t waste your time — you are going to fail anyway.”
Fear is an asshole.
Here are five ways you can punch fear in the face and change the way you think about starting your project.

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How to Create Clarity by Decluttering Physically, Mentally and Emtionally


When you are trying to focus on your work and be productive, it is important to eliminate distractions – turn off the phone, find a quiet place and organize your work space so you have access to the tools you need.
The same is true when you are focusing your life. If you are looking for clarity, you must create focus by eliminating distractions, both physically and mentally.

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What To Do When Wanting Turns Toxic

FI-Toxic Wants
Yesterday I woke up to my son in tears. He came over, hugged me. I asked him why he was so distraught. He gasped for breath and tried to push back the tears as he explained, “I never had any Minecraft toys in my whole life!”
Needless to say, I was a little shocked at his response. My first thought was an eye-rolling, “oh. my. gawd.” My second thought was, “I really need to teach my children about gratitude and being happy with what they have.”

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Four Disguises of Fear (and How to Unmask Them)


Fear manifests in many ways and is almost never straight forward. It wears disguises. It hides. Leo Babauta of Zen Habits says, “One of the reasons fear can be so powerful is because it lurks in the dark — unnoticed, in the recesses of our minds, it acts without us knowing it.” Because of fear’s clandestine behavior, the first step in overcoming it is to be aware of it and when it is taking over.

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What to do when ideas take over your life


If you are anything like me, you are always thinking of something new. A new project I want to start, a new skill I want to learn, a new place I want to go. When a new idea comes, I instinctively want to plan out every detail. I’ll even stop projects I’m working on to think through new ideas. Ideas have a way of taking over my life.

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