Meet Kathy

Hi, I’m Kathy! I am an idea development rock star, an implementation expert, an ambassador of the #idearevolution and a champion for creative entrepreneurs. I believe that through action, ideas can change the world.

my story

For the last 12 years, I’ve had my dream job. I was an event planner. Pretty sweet, right? Almost every time some asked what I did, the response was “oh my god, that is so cool. I’ve always wanted to be an event planner!”

They were right. It was cool. I was lucky enough to work at two of the most popular venues in Utah, plan hundreds of events and meet some amazing people along the way. I loved how every event started with a single idea – a vision. And, my job was to bring all the pieces together to build something inspired. It was like magic! But then, everything started to change.

Instead of caring about creating amazing experiences for people, all my bosses cared about was money. The joy was being sucked out. My once magical job turned into an arduous burden. And, I wasn’t happy anymore.

I was being crushed. Something that was once joyful was turning into a soul sucking monster.  I remember sitting alone in my car after work. I was sobbing uncontrollably. “I just can’t do this anymore!” Tears were streaming down my face. It was time for a change.

One day, a close friend I used to work with invited me to Alt (aka Altitude Design Summit). Attending the summit was a mind-blowing. All of these women were in control of their dreams. They were following their passions and creating their own destiny. I felt like I was home, like I’d found my tribe.

After the conference, we sat and talked for a while. She left the venue where we met and was ready for a change herself. We reminisced about how well we work together. She had so many brilliant ideas and I came up with the strategy to implement them. Even now, she was the same visionary genius telling me about her plans to build her new empire.

Her idea was brilliant – a total game changer. It was the start of something huge and could influence her whole industry – a revolution. Then she said, “All I need is someone like you to implement it.” She had this brilliant idea, but just couldn’t figure out how to bring it to life. That is when it all clicked.

In that moment, I realized two things: 1) Through action, ideas can change the world. And, 2) I want to be the catalyst for change by helping visionaries take action.  I want to empower creatives to take action instead of making excuses. I want to be part of the revolution of ideas.

Ideas start as a tiny spark in your mind. If you don’t feed the idea, it goes out. But when you nurture it and give it thought, it starts to smolder. Then, when you start to take action and implement it, it catches fire. It burns brilliantly and lights you up.

No matter how small, each little fire you build moves us one step closer to changing the world. Your ideas combine with the ideas of other creatives into a revolution of ideas – a bonfire of change. Join me and be part of the Idea Revolution. Together, we can change the world.

more about me

I’m the mama of two amazing kiddos, Jonas & Ava. I’m married to my soul mate, Jeremy. I love coffee, Netflix binges and dinner with the girls. (Oh, and wine.) I hate bugs, meat (I’m a vegetarian), and burlap at weddings.

Other ways to describe me? I am a bit of a control freak. I love to figure things out, which is why I love strategy and implementation so much. I’m part artist, nerd, princess, geek, and philosopher.  And, I have a secret desire to be a rock star, though it may only be in the figurative sense.



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