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Hello, beautiful! I’m so glad you are here.

I’m Kathy Rasmussen. I believe in your creative spirit. I trust in your vision. I know you are capable of making great things happen. 

My professional experience working as a strategic counterpart for visionary creatives began in 2004 when I started working with a friend, who also happened to be a highly creative designer. We both love planning parties and events, so what better business to start together than an event planning company. 

Neither of us knew what we were doing — both with running a business and planning events. But, we didn’t let that stop us. We dove in head first and learned on the job. We made lots of mistakes and gained even more knowledge. Before long, we were making a name for ourselves in the industry by gaining strategic partners, planning industry events, and planning parties and events.

When we decided to part ways as business partners, I continued working the next 10 years in the events industry as an event manager and director where I managed and facilitated over 1000 events. 

The part I loved most about planning events wasn’t the event itself. I loved figuring out how all the pieces fit together — like a puzzle — and watching what started off as a single idea come to life before my eyes. 

That’s when I realized the methodology I used for planning events could be applied to any type of project. After all, events were simply ideas and planning them was simply creating an action plan to bring them to life.

So, instead of focusing solely on events, I pivoted to focus on developing ideas, thus resigning at my job and working on my business full time. Since the shift, I’ve played an integral role in many projects, like business startups, product launches, packaging services, setting up operation systems, and substantial business growth. I even co-founded a digital magazine, podcast, and community — Badassery Magazine — and am a fierce supporter of women. 

When we work together, I bring with me my years of experience and expertise to take your idea and turn it into an easy to follow, step-by-step action plan. I am here to guide you, lead you, and encourage you. I’m here to push you, firmly yet compassionately, to keep going, even when you are discouraged. I’m here to keep you aligned with your big vision so you can focus on the details. 

The next step to bringing your idea to life is scheduling a free 20-minute call with me. I can’t wait to hear about your idea and find out how I can be part of bringing it to life.


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