5 Non-Sleazy Ways To Build Hype Around A Big Launch- Create quality content, offer valuable information, be visible

Launching a big new product or service? It can be hard to gain traction and visibility. Trust me, I know. I just recently launched Slammin Social Media. It was so much fun and I wanted to share of few the ways I gained traction, plus a few new ideas that I will be implementing next time around!

Bonus– My badass business buddy, Kathy Rasmussen and I have teamed up to bring you even more great ideas with a FREE 12 point visibility checklist. Seriously she put together a list that you will want for your next launch. This list might even spark a few new ideas of your own for being a non-sleaze ball when promoting!

12 Ways to increase visibility and be seen by your audience - free download


Big Idea #1- Write a series of blog posts around your launch topic.

This gets people’s mind juices flowing and starts building traction around your topic. You do not have to say anything about your launch, you just start establishing yourself as the ultimate expert. Because, hello, if you are launching something great you are the ultimate expert!

Essentially you are priming your audience. You want to prep them. If all of a sudden, you just launch without any type of pre-established momentum, you are more than likely going to fall flat. Basic laws of physics. Write two or three high quality blog posts around your launch topic and spread them out before your big launch date!

Bonus tip- Try your hand at guest blogging. This puts your ideas and your expertise in front of a whole new audience. 

Guest Blog as a way to increase visibility

Big Idea #2- Offer Shiz for Free

I love giving away free tips and advice in the form of worksheets, workbooks and mini e-courses! Not only are you, again establishing yourself as the expert, but you are creating a free and valuable opt-in. Meaning that in exchange for a very powerful download, you get to build your email list.

Create an opt-in that is informative and people will want! Considering using some of the content related to your big launch or even give away a small portion for free. It gives people a preview of what you are about. Make your opt-in powerful enough that when your launch drops, they want to get the rest of your juicy goods!

Big Idea #3-Use the power of social media!

Promote, promote, promote! Now I know said non-sleazy, right? This doesn’t mean that for three weeks straight you simply say buy my stuff now. You use social media platforms to show people that you are the expert (do you see a trend here?).

Consider an Instagram series that has ten great points related to your launch topic. Or even use Instagram and Facebook to write a stretch of mini-blog posts. Hop into twitter chats and lend your knowledge to those struggling in your area of expertise. Use Facebook groups to provide real value and answer any questions that you know the answer to.

When you are launching, now is the perfect time to put your hands up and stand out. Don’t be afraid to use social media as a promotional platform. Just rely on my 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the time your goal is to share your knowledge and be an expert. The other 20 percent of the time it is totally okay to make a sale!

Big Idea #4- Host a webinar or an online workshop!

This not only gets people excited, but it allows people to meet you. When you see someone on camera, this introduces a whole new level of trust in your business.

I personally love webinars, they are so valuable and I scoop up all the information like a sponge. There is something about listening to a live speaker that really resonates. Plus, they usually leave it open for q+a at the end.

If you decide to host your own webinar, include an extra incentive. This could be a worksheet to follow along with or an extra bonus file! Some examples include: swipe files, a bonus worksheet or even a special webinar discount for your launching service/product. Be creative!

Hey wait! It just so happens that my badass business bestie, Kathy and I are hosting our own webinar! We will be talking about ways to create captivating captions that really get your audience’s attention. It is on Monday, February 29th at 9am PST / Noon EST. Just click the button below to register. It’s free and it will be amazing.

Captivating Captions Free Online Workshop

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Big Idea #5- Drink wine. Seriously, no jokes here!

Take a breather and reward yourself no matter what stage you are at in your launch process. That stuff is hard work and you have earned it. It sucks to being going 24/7 and in order to stay sane, reward yourself along the way.

Schedule some time off during your launch to take a walk, maybe an overnight trip or even just some champagne in the bathtub. Don’t be too busy being a badass to forget to take care of yourself. Eat lunch everyday and don’t forget your friends and family exist! Your mind will be clearer and you will thank yourself for it.

Guest Blog as a way to increase visibility


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