10 Ways creative entrepreneurs can use trust to promote your product, services or launch.

I hate telemarketers. I don’t even want to hear what they have to say, I just shut them down. There is something so intrusive about it. They don’t know you. They don’t know what you need. They don’t even care… And, then they try to sell you something? Arrrggh! Sound familiar?

I think this common hatred of the intrusive salesman is why a lot of creative business owners feel uncomfortable about selling themselves (and their stuff). We are afraid of getting shut down because we think our audience doesn’t want to be sold something. But that is just fear talking. The truth is, people want to buy things that will help them. They just want to do it from someone they trust.

Building Trust with Your Audience

Trust is built in layers. They more layers you’ve accumulated with your audience, the more trusted you will be. The first layer starts with you as the expert. You must feel confident in your expertise. If you don’t, your audience will feel it, too.

Once you’ve got your confidence on, start building more layers of trust. Every interaction or engagement with your audience is an opportunity to build another layer.

Non-salesy Promotion Strategy

A promotion strategy is simply building layers of trust with a consistent message & constructing a logical, progressive path for them to follow. That path leads to making a purchase.  Each layer focuses on a topic surrounding your promotion. Each layer has a path to the next layer. If it is valuable information to your audience, they will follow the path.

10 Layers of Trust

While there are a countless number of ways you can build trust, I recommend starting with these 10.

1. Be visible

No one will buy anything from you if they don’t know you exist. You must put yourself out there and be seen. This means being active, producing content, engaging and interacting.

2. Listen

Listening does not only help you discover your audience’s needs, but it builds trust by validating your audiences desire to be heard.

3. Ask

Just like listening, asking serves two purposes. It allows you to gather information about your audience’s needs. And, it shows you value your audience’s input.

4. Answer

Leverage your expertise and answer questions in Facebook groups, on Twitter or other social channels.

5. Share

Be generous and share content that will be valuable to your audience, especially if it comes from someone in your audience.

6. Educate

Be generous with your own knowledge and share it freely. Give your audience valuable tools that work and they will be back for more.

7. Tell Stories

Stories are powerful because of resonance. When we hear a story, we want to relate it to one of our existing experiences. It doesn’t feel like a lecture or someone is telling us what to do. It feels like an interaction where we get to draw our own conclusions.

8. Master the Tie-in

Telling a story and seamlessly relating it back to a specific topic is an art form. I call this the Tie-in. Mastering the Tie-in leverages your storytelling and turns it into a powerful sales tool.

9. Focus on Results

Do you buy a planner because it has lines and a place to write your to do list? Or do you buy a planner so you can be organized, productive and use your time efficiently? Ultimately, the reason you buy something is because of it’s results, not it’s features. Focus your message on what will happen after they use your product or service instead of what the product or service is.

10. Let others do the talking for you

Someone else saying how great you are is way more powerful than you saying how great you are. Make your content shareable. Post testimonials on your site. Let your followers tell the story of your value.

Get Started Today

Even if you aren’t ready to launch your idea, you can get started promoting it. In fact, you should get started. TODAY. NOW.

To help you, I made a 12-Point Visibility Checklist so you can get in front of your audience and be seen.

12 Ways to increase visibility and be seen by your audience - free download

Download the Checklist

So, start building your visibility and trust with your audience. Remember to keep your messaging consistent and focus on topics surrounding your launch. You’ll be promoting like a pro in no time. Like a BOSS!

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