Got a brilliant idea?
Let’s make it happen.

  • Offer a service
  • Launch a product
  • Create an information product
  • Plan an event

Hello, visionary creative soul!
I’m so glad you are here.

You are a magnet for creativity and inspiration. Ideas hit you like lightning bolts when you least expect it — in the shower, taking a walk, driving, doing your hair — and you welcome them with open arms. 

Your ideas don’t happen on accident, they are gifts from a higher power, help you fulfill your purpose, and light your soul on fire. 

But, where do you even start?

You are here because you are ready. You are tired of watching your ideas whither and die.  You are ready to do the hard work and make the investment it takes to finally make it happen.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to feel hard? What if developing your idea wasn’t overwhelming? What if it was actually fun?

Hi! I’m Kathy Rasmussen

I help visionary creatives take their brilliant ideas and turn them in to action plans.

Not boring, complicated action plans. I create simple, step-by-step, and dare I say, fun action plans that are easy to follow and have built-in accountability.

I’ve spent the last 14 years implementing thousands of ideas  including planning 1000+ events, setting up four businesses, launching numerous products, and creating dozens of courses.

My superpower is taking your big vision, breaking it down into steps, and putting the steps in order so you can easily work through them to achieve your goal. 

Your idea is waiting. Let’s make it happen.