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What does your brand say about your business?

Your brand is more than a logo and colors. It is the look, feel, and voice of your business — and it does all the talking, especially to prospective customers. Want to know what your brand says about you? Schedule a free brand audit and find out what your potential customers are hearing.

Customers see your brand first

First impressions are everything to a potential customer — even if they don’t realize it. The first time they interact with your brand, whether it is on your website, on social media, or in real life, their brains are taking notice and forming seriously strong opinions. They are making a split-second decision on whether or not they trust and like you.

What do they base that decision on? Yep! You guessed it. YOUR BRAND.

Even though we’ve all grown up learning you can’t judge a book by its cover, we do it anyway. That is simply how human brains are programmed. That’s why you need a cohesive brand that is recognizable, relatable and represents your mission and purpose. Your potential customers will love and trust you from their very first interaction. 


Hi! I’m Kathy Rasmussen

I’m a brand specialist who helps businesses attract their target customers by designing a cohesive branding strategy that is recognizable, relatable, and represents the mission and purpose of the company and its owner. With over 10 years of design and branding experience, I’ve created designs for Capital One, Amazon, the University of Utah, Badassery Magazine, and a number of other businesses.

I believe the best brands are simple, timeless, polished, and infused with passion and personality. They are consistent in design and message through every touchpoint with your audience. Together, we’ll create a brand you’ll be proud of — and one your audience will LOVE.